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Debbie Donaldson brings more than 25 years experience in publishing, management, marketing and sales for Fortune 500, Inc. 500 and Media Industry leaders. A successful marketing and sales track record, combined with the connections made through professional community-service leadership makes her uniquely qualified to deliver results for clients. Believing that collaboration is the key to success, Donaldson has assembled a team of award winning design, marketing, editorial and sales professionals dedicated to client satisfaction and results. With a perpetual optimistic outlook and ability to shift quickly based on market conditions, it is obvious why she considers herself a "Cheerleader on a Mission."

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Counting My Blessings

(04/07/2012) Debbie Donaldson

This morning at 5:30 a.m. a drunk driver just missed hitting my garage. At the last minute he turned the wheel and plowed into the side of my neighbor's house.

My only thought was gratitude that no one was injured. Then a little touch of guilt as I celebrated that it wasn't my house that was hit.

I'll still count my blessings and thank my guardian angel.