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(05/29/2012) Debbie Donaldson

This day is dedicated to the beautiful woman who gave me life, my mother Doris Marie Tunnell, Kelley, Morris.

She lived a very full and trying life in her short 56 years before saying goodbye to this world and moving on to the next. I was extremely fortunate to have become friends with my mother in her last year of life. Not the parent-child friendship, we sort of evolved to what felt like a true adult friendship.

In fact she had become my best friend and confidant. It isn't easy for a parent to make the transition from parenting to being a good supportive friend, but my mom made the effort and succeeded. I always felt like I had someone to turn to and count on no matter what.

Doris was like every person on this planet, filled with inconsistencies and faults and I still called her Mom. Today, I'd like to remince about her best qualities. She had many, yet like most of us was her own worst critic.

I am so very grateful she stood up to me....stood up for me.... and stood by me just when I needed it most. She cooked the best chicken and noodles ever. I still remember my birthdays. I was always able to choose between a cake or a watermelon. She always knew the choice and put my birthday candles right into the watermelon for me.

On my 16th birthday, she allowed me to have a boy/girl dance party. She had recently had oral surgery and had most of her teeth removed. As a typical teenager, I wasn't sensitive to the pain she was obviously in, I only wanted to be sure my friends didn't see my toothless mother. She fortunatly stood up for herself on this one and insisted on chaperoning the party. However, I don't recall her talking much and she chaperoned from the kitchen while we were all in the living room. After the party she told me she thought we danced kind of funny. I thought she was just old fashioned (she was 36). My friends thought she was beautiful and I can't remember if I ever told her.

The best thing my Mom did for me was continuously tell me I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. We didn't always agree on the things I wanted to set my mind to, but in the end she supported my final decisions. And when the decisions didn't go as I'd expected, she stood by me without once saying "I told you so."

My hope is for every mother and adult child to experience this bond. We had our differences, arguements and disagreements. Sometimes I was so frustrated with her I wasn't sure we could ever be close. We just kept communicating.

Phone calls from my children today made my Birthday special and the longing to talk with my Mom even stronger. She would be so proud of the amazing people they have become, raising families of their own.

It seems to me that each generation feels they have something to fix and do better than their parents. The one thing I hope to do as well as my Mom is have an adult friendship relationship with my children.